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Wimbledon - The World's Most Famous Lawn

by Nicola Szymanowski on July 04, 2022

The most ‘English’ phrase used...... ‘Rain stops play’  

That’s right its Wimbledon. Even if you don’t like (or like me) just don’t understand Tennis, you can't escape Wimbledon. It's likely you have watched at least some of it... Andy Murray? Venus or Serena Williams (Who regardless of liking Tennis are pure Goddesses). 

Should you be a Tennis fan then you’ll be glued to the matches – If you're not a huge tennis fan you'll be watching for the stars, the Goddesses, the tantrums (this year there's some toddler like men *eye roll*) The celebs in the crowd – The Clooneys, The Beckhams, Stars of screen, Singers, Athletes, TV Royalty (think Holly & Phil) & of course Real Royalty! 

‘Rain Stops Play’ – Time for the commentators to scan those crowds show us who is there today, cameras roll to the crowds on Henman Hill (dressed in ponchos) Where the fans always appear to be having the most fun! 

We are big Mark Cox fans here at Sole Envy – The Gola trainers are designed and named after him – A fabulous ever evolving choice of colourways are firm favourites on our site. He won 20 single tournaments and we had to wait another 77 years before another Brit won at Wimbledon... Maybe the next Tennis shoe will be the ‘Andy Murray’?! 

A few Wimbledon facts for you to peruse below during ‘Rain Stops Play’ 

Tennis was a British Invention – we do some things right apparently! 

The Wolds Most Famous Lawn! - The grass is tended to all year round, the winter length is 12mm while summer, play length is trimmed to 8mm. The grass is cut freshly every day (See picture... I mean absolute grass envy!) No wonder it needs so much attention when it’s the only Grandslam played on all grass. 

The matches can go on and on and on and on... The longest was 11 hrs and 5 minutes! 

The record for most single wins is held by super athlete Martina Navratilova with 9, Roger Federer in 2nd place with 8, Steffi Graf, Serena Williams & Pete Sampras tie 3rd place with 7. 

Over 54 thousand tennis balls will be used during the tournament with unused balls kept refrigerated to keep in tip top condition. 

More famous trainers! You will probably be more familiar with the sneaker than the American World No.1 former tennis player - Stan Smith! Addidas Stan Smith’s are one of the world's most popular style of sneakers though it's unlikely you'll see them on the court. 

If you are a tennis fan there's plenty of action still to come! And if you’re not then enjoy the strawberries and maybe some grass envy!  

*Photo courtesy of my Dad who is a huge tennis fan, taken at his 1st ever trip to Wimbledon last week.