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The Birth of Sole Envy

by Nicola Szymanowski on August 30, 2021

Today is Launch day!

We have been working towards this day for months and months, really I have been working towards 'something' for a lot longer I just wasn't sure what that something was. The past 18 months or so has been strange to say the least but for us the positive side is that we have been able to build and now launch our business. 

I have never been a sneaker freak or addict (oh I am working on it now!) but I have always been a jeans and trainers girl. I mean who doesn't love a comfy shoe! 

My favourite in my late teens were the Classic Reebok's (The very same the Arctic Monkey's sing about) and I wore them till they fell to pieces around my feet. 

I still have my 'Spice Girl' denim trainer platform trainers - will I ever wear them again...? Hmmm maybe reserved for fancy dress.

My choices.. anything bright, or black - mainly because I cant keep anything clean. Fresh crisp whites look amazing but truthfully if you can keep them as such then you must be a very special person (and I need your tips!)

So, in early 2021 Sole Envy was born - trainers. Why not? Who doesn't own at least 1 pair (1 pair yeah right!)

We are learning every day about sneakers, social media, websites etc. So hang with us as we start the next part of our adventure. We are excited to see your choices, we are excited for the next lot of stock and we are excited for the future.