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Keep It Clean...

by Nicola Szymanowski on June 08, 2022

How to keep those trainers Box Fresh

Full disclosure I am not great at keeping my trainers super clean (though I am getting better!) I do have a very special pair of  Nike Dunk Low that I wipe down with Crep Protect wipes (£7 Amazon pack of 12) every time I wear them (though occasionally I will use a baby wipe!) 

Baby wipes for everything right!  

On my son's trainers which tend to be filthy after about 3 seconds of him wearing them I use Flash wipes which work great, but I wouldn’t trust these on a pair that have cost £££ or you want to keep in superb condition. 

I did a little research and found some of the best advice from Lynsey Queen of Clean (lynsey_queenofclean on Instagram – you can view a fab clip she did on This Morning with Holly & Phil) 


Read on to see the best way to keep them clean and the methods I have tested too. 

Canvas Trainers 

  • Brush off any dry dirt with a hard brush (think nail brush) 
  • You can use a Magic Eraser/Miracle sponge (£ 2.50ish from The Range/Wilko/Supermarkets/Home Bargains/etc) I love this – A great tip for the toe/side sole of the trainer rather than canvas part) Use damp I found for best results. 
  • Canvas trainers can be put in the washing machine; I personally don’t like to do this but for ease you can. Pop them in a washer bag or an old (tied) pillowcase (after removing laces) on a gentle cold wash. 
  • Don’t want to use the washer then get ready to scrub 
  • A washing up bowl with warm water, a scoop of washing powder – using a bristle brush scrub in circular motions, wipe any foam away. Leave to dry naturally. 
  • Still have dirty marks use a toothbrush (not yours or any member of your households!) and a splodge of WHITE toothpaste, remove any foam with a cloth and rinse and dry naturally. 

Leather Trainers 


  • Brush off any dirt with a nail brush or Boot Buddy (£14.99 - The Boot Buddy Featured on Dragons Den and we think is ace though we mainly use for walking boots/wellies It has a scrubbing brush at one end and you fill the other with whatever you like). 
  • If you have a Boot Buddy fill with water a little washing up liquid and a splash of white vinegar (If not mix it in a bowl and use an e-cloth).  


  • Pop them in a pan of water on the hob with a spoonful of baking soda and boil. 7 


  • Warm water with laundry powder, a scoop of Vanish or Astonish Oxy Active (which is tons cheaper) and soak for a few hours 
  • Worse case treat yourself to a new pair  


  • Don’t forget them! Use washing up liquid and hot water and give them a good scrub. 


  • Air dry only! Don’t be tempted to put them on the radiator or in the dryer! As they will shrink. If you have the shoe tree/shapers, then great if not stuff with some news/magazine paper or at least a few pairs of rolled up socks! Dry naturally. 


They all get a little stinky now and again especially if like some people (my husband) you wear with no socks in summer!  

  • Dry teabags (any kind) pop them in overnight – Yes this really works! 
  • Dry shampoo sprayed inside – I haven't tested this one out yet! - This is our professional go to product. If you're looking for something to look after that amazing purchase you made then it's probably worth investing.  

And that’s it! We hope that’s a few handy tips to help, don’t let your favourite most comfy trainers get so worn you can't wear anymore just as don’t let that super special pair you’ve finally got your hands on not stay looking super Box Fresh. 

Let us know what works for you or if you have any great tips to share!