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In Training... One Month Old Today

by Nicola Szymanowski on September 30, 2021

It's been 1 whole month since we launched. 

It has been an adventure already.. we are barely out of the birthing stage & we are still learning. The most interesting thing for me has been seeing what YOU choose as your favourites. The orders & items that have flown out have been surprising - but we love it. It's an education for us & goes to show the different tastes we all have and we are still in training! It is wild but exciting!

We love seeing which trainers & bags you have chosen... It really brings us joy. We am excited for the next month now we can already tell as we head into Autumn tastes are changing and we are adapting to this lovely British weather!

The changes happen all at once it is quite predictable! As soon as Great British Bake Off is on - the rain comes and all I want to do is sit inside with tea & biscuits with the heating on full blast (until my husband comes in and turns it down... this happens in every home yes!?)

One month in and now onto October!