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A Million Different Choices.

by Nicola Szymanowski on October 19, 2021
Every moment we are faced with various choices that can be as simple as snooze through the alarm or get up and make sure you have breakfast.
I won't bore you with hundreds of examples but you get the idea. 
Some dont matter too much - Which outfit to wear today? Some can matter more than you even can envisage when making them.
And we can't make good ones all the time... but we can strive to be better.
One of the things we wanted to do from the outset at Sole Envy was to make good decisions with who we would work with. We wanted to choose companies and brands that made us want to do better, that were making good choices themselves.
It's not always easy to follow its easy to get lost in products and people. 
Our newest product partner is Miss Pompom - we came across their products while out roaming the streets of Manchester. You can tell from the get go the brand screams joy. Bright, colourful, glorious... what's not to love?! The brand values can be found on their website but stand outs for us; Ethical, Sustainability, Traceability. The Vegan, Scarves, Gloves & Beanies are made at a family ran factory and look gorgeous and feel absolutely beautiful. 
We say we want to 'Be Better' to make more impactful decisions especially when it comes to our planet. We are far from perfect but we hope we are aiming in the right direction.
When explaining to a friend why we wanted to work with Miss Pompom we said that hopefully these are the type of garments you wear year after year. Pack them away for the Summer and get the back out in October (Im being hopeful there at least!)
Choose your products well and they will last too. That's the hope!
So while we are making our choices, which ones will you make today. 
Ones that make you feel good, that bring joy and maybe just maybe a new bobble hat (It is raining after all!)