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A Jubilant weekend!

by Nicola Szymanowski on June 06, 2022

I am sure wherever you are in the United Kingdom you have witnessed the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and even if you haven't participated it’s likely you find the Royals, the Queen especially intriguing.  

One of the things that’s caught my eye is her penchant for bright clothing (just like us!)  We went on a little fact-finding mission to see what we could find out about her sense of style and why she wears such wonderfully bright colours. 

I do love the quote from her below; 

"I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am." 

As explained tons of people turn up to see the Queen and she needs to stand out so people can say “I saw the Queen” (even if it was just the tip of her hat or corner of her bright elbow). 

Just like the Queen we at Sole Envy are lovers of all things bright. We think she would LOVE our bright smile & heart sweaters... perhaps the green sweater would be her favourite??? 

Another thing we spotted was she seems to wear the same pair of shoes... we love the thriftiness of her. At Sole Envy we aren't about fast throw away fashion we love things that last.  

Our sweaters are handmade & wash brilliantly (follow those care labels) to be worn over and over again. The same with our scarves and hats, timeless to be worn every single winter.  

Not forgetting our trainers, comfy and sturdy – look after them of course (Don’t put them in the washing machine... ! ) Look out for our blog on how to best care for them. There's nothing quite like your favourite worn in comfiest shoes... the Queen knows! 

While we fact found we came across a few teeny titbits we thought you'd like... 

The Queen is the only person in the land who doesn’t have to have a passport or a driving licence. Well if your face is on money it's probably fair, right?! 

She has 2 Birthdays (you probably knew this one) the reason being that King George II back in 1748 birthday fell in late Autumn and the weather wasn’t suitable for a public celebration, so it was combined with Royal events. Now this is something we can get on board with. My birthdays in December, its freezing, wet and miserable! I was definitely jealous as a child of all those summer babies with bouncy castles and outdoor parties! I can't see a good reason we can't all have 2 birthdays – not to age faster no one wants that... But more to celebrate, more good times? Yep I am in! 

We hope you spent the jubilee weekend surrounded by those who make you feel good. At Sole Envy that’s at the top of our list, be with, do, wear, whatever makes you feel good. 

And considering the above we are going to ‘Be more Queen’ Wear those bright colours, those comfortable shoes and celebrate more!