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A History Lesson by Sole Envy

by Nicola Szymanowski on November 20, 2021

Do you know the origins of Black Friday come from the US, Philadelphia! 

The day after Thanksgiving as shoppers would head back to.... erm the shops. There's a few theories floating around, like shops were in 'the red' but sales put them 'in the black (debt = red & profits = black) 
Or the fact crowds and traffic over holiday weekend were crazy due to shoppers, tourists and football fans coming into the city so the police had to work long hours and dubbed the mayhem 'Black Friday' because you know... America. 
They have tried to change it to 'Big Friday' since but with no avail. 
Black Friday also looks set to become Black November which moulds into December and the C word (I wont use it yet! the other C word!) Then brought to UK by Amazon (Jeff 'Rocket billionaire' Bezos) & Asda - Do they want you scrapping in the aisles over a TV.. it would appear so.
So as 'We' the stores try and get 'You' the buyer to 'Not miss out' & 'Buy it now' & part with your hard earned cash, we at Sole Envy are a little torn. 
We want to be true to who we are, sustainability is important to us. It is driving us in how we decide our suppliers, from who we sell to who makes our packaging. Of course we have to 'Still be here' to ensure we get to make those decisions. 
So for 'Big November Week' (Not sure if that's what we like best but for now...!) we asked ourselves what do we think YOU our customer would like best.
10% off Trainers and Accessories - Subscribe & add the code at checkout.
20% off All bags (Auto applied at checkout).
And our personal favourite FREE SHIPPING - Just select at checkout.
This applies to all orders from Monday 22nd to Monday 29th November
Going back to our 'Who we are' We will continue to have special offers on all our products and make good decisions regarding our suppliers - We choose products that should last & work with suppliers who have a great ethos & sustainability programmes. We aren't part of the 'fast throw away fashion.' We hope our items are ones that will last and you will wear year after year. So buy the trainers, scarf, hat, bag with that in mind. A great purchase made to last. With free shipping - Something we ALL LOVE.
Have a wonderful last week of November before the real madness starts!